RAAAH is a ladies fashion brand that creates elegant, cutting edge pieces that are pitched between High St and High End fashion labels. We endeavour to make sure that our customers ooze class, elegance and simplicity in our ready to wear creations or our custom made to measure pieces.

Rahima is the name/face behind the brand RAAAH that was founded in April 2014. It was when I left school I started designing a few of my own outfits for special occasions or functions “where I wanted to stand out as I always do” and took them to a tailor whom my sister and her friends introduced me to. I’ve always had my own style and creativity in putting things together which is quite different to most of the people I hang around with because we’re never in the same things ever. I never thought of wanting to have my own brand at that time but a boutique yeah. I thought I could bring stuff that not a lot of people would be seen in and people like that.

It was some few years ago I started dreaming and just visualising myself somewhere up there in the fashion industry and also started thinking about all the compliments I get from people. As I have a passion for fashion, I started wanting it so badly and thinking what I would call my brand, how big I’d be, how I can make, how I actually had a thirst for it and how it was calling and destiny, I just knew. At that time of thinking about the capital etc I launched First Chapter Boutique where I was selling high end women’s clothing and shoes which I bought ready made from different suppliers. It was up and down and then I left it for a bit and I just woke up saying I wanted to study fashion drawing because I have so many ideas in my head which I would like to be able to put on paper and show people, my creative creations designs and also inspired designs which take my liking but feel something is not right and needs to be changed in many aspects and I will do it how I THINK it should be. So I went to study fashion drawing at The London College of Fashion to perfect my drawing/sketching skills and that inspired me more to want o bring my designs out. And of course the dreams and visions kept appearing and I knew this is it.

I’m inspired by a lot of young successful designers, watching them work hard and get benefits and credit for it is amazing to me.
First ever collection is called “FLY/FLY HIGH” Inspired by me with the hunger to come out, the celebration with different colours, The boldness with shapes, the confidence as I have creative, vintage like pieces that need confidence for you to rock them and yet simple and very stylish and out there ‘classy-ness’ that’s recognisable in a room. It’s edgy and sexy too.